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Learning new medical technology requires guided and self-directed training. To that end, Intuitive Surgical developed the da Vinci® Technology Training Pathway. The goal is to help teams develop the knowledge and skills needed to use da Vinci System technology safely and efficiently.For additional information on the da Vinci® Technology Training Pathway, visit the da Vinci Surgery Online Community.

Designed for integrated groups of surgeons and OR staff, this team-oriented approach was developed because da Vinci training is most successful when the entire team is involved.

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The Technology Training Pathway focuses on:

1. System knowledge and skill development: Develop a working understanding of the da Vinci Surgical System and learn technical skills you’ll use in the OR with a da Vinci Surgical System

2. Peer-to-peer education: Learn and apply clinical techniques from experienced da Vinci surgeons. Surgeon-to-surgeon instruction and mentorship are conducted by qualified, independent medical professionals.

The ultimate goal of the da Vinci Technology Training Pathway is to train a surgical team on the da Vinci system technology and provide opportunities to safely and efficiently integrate the technology into clinical applications. The da Vinci Technology Training Pathway is divided into four phases, with reinforcing activities and supporting tools for both surgeons and OR staff. To access these tools, please visit the da Vinci Surgery Online Community.

Phase 1: Introduction to da Vinci Surgery (Product Training)

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The first phase of da Vinci Surgery training is designed to give teams a foundational understanding of the da Vinci Surgical System. This includes driving the System to enhance understanding of its capabilities, observing live procedures to learn clinical applications and techniques, and pairing new surgeons with experienced surgeons

Phase 2 : da Vinci Technology Training (Product Training)

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The second piece of da Vinci Surgery training introduces surgeons to the core of da Vinci technology. Surgical teams complete online training, view full-length procedure videos hosted on the da Vinci Surgery Online Community, attend hands on training sessions at a local hospital and attend a full day of training at a da Vinci Training Center

Phase 3 : Initial Case Series Plan (Skills Application)

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At this stage, experienced proctoring surgeons assist new da Vinci surgeons are assisted by experienced proctoring surgeons during their first da Vinci procedures. The goal is to provide direct support and help in ensuring proper technique. Intuitive Surgical has established proctoring networks for each surgical specialty. Depending on a hospital’s training and credentialing requirements, a proctor may be required to provide an assessment of the new surgeon’s surgical skills using the da Vinci System.

Hospital Credentialing

The hospital’s requirements for proctoring will govern credentialing; Intuitive Surgical does not provide any credentials or privileges. The surgeon should also consider additional proctoring if there is a determination that it would benefit his/her practice. The surgeon should be proctored until there is a determination that, in his/her surgical judgement, he/she is sufficiently competent to operate with the da Vinci Surgical System independently.

Following the initial case series, post-case debriefs are held for the entire team. The team reviews the results with an eye towards benchmarking and improving clinical performance. Surgeons are encouraged to engage in additional Skills Simulator and Skills Drills practice which are designed to exercise intra-operative dexterity.

Phase 4 : Continuing Development (Skills Application)

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The Technology Training Pathway does not end after the initial da Vinci cases. Advanced da Vinci training in multiple specialties is available through select training centers. Programs are led by experienced, independent da Vinci surgeons who contract with Intuitive Surgical.

To learn more about Intuitive Surgical training, please contact your local da Vinci sales representative:

Toll-free in the US: 877-408-3872.
Outside the US: +41 21 821 20 00 in Europe or
+1 408 523 2100 in the rest of the world.

Be sure to read and understand all information in the applicable user manuals, including full cautions and warnings, before using da Vinci products. Failure to properly follow all instructions may lead to injury and result in improper functioning of the device. Training provided by Intuitive Surgical is limited to the use of its products and does not replace the necessary medical training and experience required to perform surgery. Procedure descriptions are developed with, reviewed and approved by independent surgeons. Other surgical techniques may be documented in publications available at the National Library of Medicine. For Important Safety Information, indications for use, risks, full cautions and warnings, please also refer to Unless otherwise noted, products featured are available for commercial distribution in the U.S. For availability outside the US, please check with your local representative or distributor.

Nothing in Intuitive Surgical training curricula makes expressed or implied promises or commitments to the persons attending. This includes any promise or commitment that the trainee will be provided any specific product or technology in future or that the trainee will be certified to perform a procedure related to the curriculum.

Some of the training described in Intuitive Surgical promotions may be provided by organizations or entities other than Intuitive.

Surgeon proctors are independent contractors. The prices listed for proctoring are for services rendered by the independent surgeon proctors. A list of surgeon proctors can be provided upon request. Intuitive Surgical does not take responsibility for proctoring services provided by independent surgeon proctors. The hospital/surgeon purchases the proctoring service as part of training they have independently determined to be part of their credentialing requirement; Intuitive Surgical’s role is merely to coordinate between the hospital/surgeon and the proctor. The proctors and the hospital/surgeon are always free to negotiate with each other directly.

Third-party products shown interacting with the da Vinci System and its instrumentation have been validated by Intuitive for use with the da Vinci System. Validation is for compatibility only and does not imply endorsement of the product by Intuitive.

da Vinci® Skills Simulator™ is intended to augment, not replace, existing training programs for the da Vinci™ Surgical System.

Unless otherwise noted, all people depicted are models.

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