Product Training Disclaimer

Intuitive Surgical only trains on the use of the da Vinci® Surgical System. The information provided during Intuitive Surgical training is not intended to substitute for formal medical training or certification. Intuitive Surgical is in no way responsible for surgical credentialing or training in surgical procedure or technique, nor are the training programs described a replacement for hospital credentialing requirements. All curricula described are subject to change depending on available resources, as well as on the needs of the course participants.

Some of the training described may be provided by organizations or entities other than Intuitive Surgical, and Intuitive Surgical is not responsible for the content of these programs. Surgeon proctors are independent contractors. The listed prices are for services rendered by the independent surgeon proctors. A list of surgeon proctors can be provided upon request.

Intuitive Surgical does not train on surgical procedures or techniques, nor does it take responsibility for proctoring services provided by the independent surgeon proctors. The hospital/surgeon purchases the proctoring service as part of training they have independently determined to be part of their credentialing requirement; Intuitive Surgical's role is merely to coordinate between the hospital/surgeon and the proctor. The proctors and the hospital/surgeon are always free to negotiate with each other directly.