Intuitive Surgical's founders and senior management have proven track records of launching, building and operating highly successful medical technology companies. As leaders of the world's premier medical robotics company, Intuitive's executives are collectively committed to the success of patients, customers, employees and shareholders.

Executive Staff

* Gary S. Guthart, Ph.D.
President and Chief Executive Officer, Member of the Board of Directors

* Dave J. Rosa
Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer

* Salvatore J. Brogna
Executive Vice President, Product Operations

* Henry Charlton
Senior Vice President, U.S. Sales

* Myriam J. Curet, MD
Senior Vice President, Chief Medical Officer

* Bob DeSantis
Senior Vice President, Instruments and Accessories

* Mark Johnson
Senior Vice President, Regulatory and Quality

* Charles Jones
Senior Vice President, Design and User Experience

* Mark J. Meltzer
Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer

* Brian Miller, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President, Systems & Vision

* Marshall L. Mohr
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

* Colin Morales
Senior Vice President, Secondary Market Equipment & Service

* Glenn Vavoso
Senior Vice President, Global Commercial Operations and Asia Pacific Direct

* Paige A. Bischoff
Vice President, Global Public Affairs

* Craig Child
Vice President, Human Resources

* Gillian Duncan, Ed.D.
Vice President, da Vinci® Professional Education & Program Services - Worldwide

* Catherine Mohr
Vice President, Strategy

* David Stoffel, M.D.
Vice President, Marketing and New Business Development


Board of Directors

* Gary S. Guthart, Ph.D.
President and Chief Executive Officer, Member of the Board of Directors
Intuitive Surgical, Inc.

* Lonnie M. Smith
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Intuitive Surgical, Inc.

* Craig H. Barratt, Ph.D.
Barefoot Networks, Inc.

* Michael A. Friedman
City of Hope

* Amal Johnson
Author-it Software Corporation

* Keith R. Leonard, Jr.
Unity Biotechnology, Inc.

* Alan J. Levy, Ph.D.
Chrono Therapeutics Inc. and Frazier Healthcare Ventures

*Jami Dover Nachtsheim
Intel Corporation

* Mark J. Rubash
Eventbrite, Inc.


International Leadership

* Dirk Barten
General Manager in Germany

* Damien Desmedt
General Manager in France

* John Ma, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President, Strategic Growth Initiatives, President Intuitive Surgical China

* Seungwan Sohn
Vice President Sales and Marketing, Korea

* Kazuhiro Takizawa
Vice President and Director, Japan

* Jeroen van Heesewijk
Senior Vice President Asia Pacific and Global Distribution